Survey for Unsubscribers?

  • 16 April 2021
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We’d love to have a quick question or two for those who unsubscribe from our email list(s). Just something to help us learn about why they unsubscribed. I’ve searched all over and I can’t figure out how to do this.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have an automated survey appear after someone unsubscribes?


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Hi @Kyle,


Once a user has unsubscribed, you will no longer be able to email non transactional marketing content to them from the Klaviyo platform. Unsubscribed users are only eligible to receive transactional emails once they’ve been suppressed due to the nature of these messages. Once a user has unsubscribed they will remain suppressed in the Klaviyo platform until the time comes when they reopt-in .


You do have a few alternative options for how to engage with these suppressed/unsubscribed users:

  • You can create a segment of your recently unsubscribed users and target a signup form to this population so if they come back to your website, you can ask them to complete a survey.
  • You can leverage Klaviyo’s integration with facebook to target these unsubscribed users with tailored messaging.


I hope this helps!



Thanks, Julie!

Sorry, I wasn’t planning on emailing unsubscribers a survey. I guess “survey” isn’t really the right word for it. Just a question when they opt-out.

I was thinking more along the lines of a one-question tag-on (maybe to the unsubscribe confirmation page?) that asks something like, “Please tell us why you no longer wish to receive emails from us” and then has like 5 reasons: “I did not sign up to receive these emails; I’m no longer interested; The content isn’t relevant to me;” etc. etc. It’s a pretty common/standard thing we’ve all seen a lot after unsubscribing from a list. We just need something to indicate why people opt-out. Does Klaviyo offer something like that?


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Hey @Kyle,

That is a great idea to learn more about your contacts! Most importantly, it certainly is possible! 

@julie.accardo gave some great options by using the default functionality of Klaviyo to gather this information; but you can also accomplish your goal and suggestion by utilizing and Custom Coding your own Unsubscribe/Manage Preference page using HTML/CSS. As part of your custom Unsubscribe page, you can include this field of “Please tell us why you no longer wish to receive emails from us” and their selection of reasons as to why they are unsubscribing; that when selecting one of these options and unsubscribing would tag these contacts with a Custom Profile Property.


With these customers tagged with this custom profile property such as “Unsubscribe Reason”, you can then create a segment of these users who has this profile property using the rule of “Properties about someone, Unsubscribe Reason (or whatever the name if your custom profile property being passed is) is Set” and Export this Segment while including this profile property field as part of the export; would allow you to analyze these reasons as to why your contacts decided to unsubscribe via a .CSV.




Got it. I’ll definitely look into that option. Thank you, David.