Sync with Mailchimp, 2 Stores and Duplicate Lists Issues

  • 30 March 2023
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Hi everyone,


Since we have 2 accounts and one Mailchimp account it's getting complicated. As I already imported the data manually and inserted them into one of the lists we already had it's creating the same audiences. That was my concern there are a lot of duplicate audiences right now with the separate lists. I only sync for Kismet by Milka Global and haven't started for the Turkish one. I'd exported the data manually from Mailchimp except unsubscribed ones. All I need to get unsubscribed audiences and click/open data and suppress all unsubscribed. We had separate lists in Maichimp both global and turkish one and there is no way distinguish them while taking the click/open data. If I go for sync only specific lists from Mailchimp, this time click/open datas aren’t pull from Mailchimp.


All I want is distiguish the unsubscribed ones and the click and open data ones. The other ways looks too difficult..


I can delete the Turkish lists from Global and vice versa. But there are a lot of duplicates right now, i mean even though the list name is different but they are including one of our lists since I already exported the lists manually from Mailchimp to Klaviyo except unsubscribed ones.


I’m literally stuck at that point and no solution has been found yet.


Looking forward to hearing your best suggestions. 




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Hello @enes,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If you only have one MailChimp account and you integrated that same account with two different Klaviyo accounts (because you have multi-account access), then this sounds like an expected behavior. 

If you use one MailChimp account for different regions of the world - such as different lists/audiences for each region, I would suggest going with a manual import of your data instead of through our direct integration sync. By manually export your lists/audiences from MailChimp and importing them into your desired Klaviyo accounts will make for an easier management of data. This way you can ensure they are separated correctly.

This would also stand true for exporting and importing those users that have unsubscribed from your MailChimp account. I would recommend checking out MailChimp’s View or Export Your Contacts article to learn how to export those lists/audiences and then using our How to import profile properties using a CSV upload Help Center article to guide you on how to import those into your Klaviyo accounts. 

In a similar method, you can manually export your MailChimp data as mentioned in their Export and Back Up Account Data article. After doing that you can then manually import that data into Klaviyo as mentioned in our How to Manually Import Historical Event Data Help Center article. 

Alternatively, you can also utilize our API to perform accomplish both these actions of migrating contacts and event data into Klaviyo. Check out our Developer Portal to learn more about this. We also have an extensive network of Klaviyo Partners that are knowledgeable in both methods of migrating from MailChimp to Klaviyo. If you need hands on assistance, I would advice reaching out through our Klaviyo Partner Directory.

I hope this helps!