Tags - what are they?!

  • 12 December 2023
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I’m brand new to email marketing and Klaviyo. Please could someone explain what tags are for and how to use them. I run self-catering cottages in Devon.

Thanks in advance


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4 replies

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Welcome to the community @ktait 

Here’s a good overview for you:

Any questions, let me know




Thanks @bluesnapper. I’ve looked at that article already but it doesn’t explain what the purpose of tags is? 

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Hi @ktait 

They’re useful for managing your account and speeding up workflow.

For example, If you have many segments, campaigns, and flows, some might be for customers and some for prospects. So, you tag them accordingly. Then when viewing them in a list, you can use tags to filter them. 

I also use them for filtering opt-in/opt-out segments, various customer segments who’ve ordered specific products, pre-purchase flows, post-purchase flows, review flows, by location, campaign type, and in lots of other ways. 

Hope that helps.


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      Think of tags like post it notes that you can slap on a customer’s back. Depending on what actions they’ve taken on your website, products they’ve clicked, baskets they’ve abandoned, products categories they have viewed you mist wish to tag them accordingly. Say they enter your abandoned browse flow you might wish to tag them ABF and once they purchase you can automate replacing this tag with one called ABF_Success. This way you can create a list of customers who you have been able to push to purchase and a list of those who you couldn’t get to purchase. Knowing who is who is important, who are you going to spend time on trying to reach and convince to make a purchase, they guy who was already easily convinced or the guy who you couldn’t get to buy?


There are thousands of other example where enhancing the amount of easy visible data you have attached to a customer account will be useful. That’s what tags are for, they are just points of information about a customer account that you might wish to use for optimising your customer comms.


Mostly I do all my tagging in Shopify (my web platform) but for stuff that takes place in Klaviyo I tag them in Klaviyo.