The birthday option does not appear in the segment properties option.

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello Community! :)


I am currently trying to create a segment to collect the birthday of my customers.

However, when I select the "properties about someone" option in dimension section, the Birthday option does not appear. 


Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know how to fix it? If not, do you know of another way to create this segment and collect the date of birth?


Thank you for your help! :)



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3 replies

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@irenebylia22 try this:

  1. Create a date based property
  2. Add the Birthday to the form or send them an email that links them to “add their birthday” and then sends them to update their preferences.
  3. Once this is done you can trigger a flow based on when their birthday is. 

 Hope this helps!


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Properties in klaviyo doesn’t show as options to pick in the segment creation until at least one subscriber has that property. So if the property is not showing when you try to create the segment that may mean that none of your subscribers have this property yet

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Hi @irenebylia22, welcome to the community! 


Sometimes this “birthday” property already exists in Klaviyo under the name “Date of Birth.” I’d check to see if that gives you the segment conditions you’re looking for. 


If you don’t have any existing birthday data on profiles in your account, as @Bobi N. mentioned, you won’t be able to use that property to build a segment yet.


One easy way for you to start collecting birthdays is to add a second step to your optin forms, and give people a space to give their birthday after they’ve already submitted their email to join your list. For existing subscribers, you could add a birthday field to your account-wide preferences page, and then send people an email prompting them to update their preferences and share their birthday.


It helps in either case to help people understand why you’re asking for their email, so you could forecast the potential for a “birthday surprise” to keep it vague so you don’t have to promise something specific if you’re still organizing plans for how you’ll use this birthday information…





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