The Difference Between Opt-in and Opt-Out

  • 12 August 2021
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what is difference between opt-out and opt-in


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Hi @sachin16 

Thanks for posting your question to the Community!

Opt-in vs opt-out status refers to a subscriber’s willingness to be contacted by your company. In other words, if they want to receive emails from a sender. Klaviyo obliges companies to include an unsubscribe link in every email, allowing subscribers to opt-out any time.

For Klaviyo users, we have a large amount of documentation regarding opt-in and opt-out as well as supplemental documentation regarding what to do after a customer has opted-in or out.

Topics Regarding Opt-In:

Guide to the Double Opt-In Process

The first article provided goes into detail about the double-opt in process and compares it to single opt-in. The double opt-in process helps you grow your list while also minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails and phone numbers. However, there are use cases in which single opt-in is utilize. Most often, customers choose to implement single opt-in when they are using other third-party signup forms or tools and their customers are prompted with a double opt-in confirmation at some other point in the signup workflow. 


About Suppressed Profiles

This article is a followup of the customer journey once they have either opted in or out to your email marketing. It details how customers are treated as either active or suppressed based on their opt-in property. In Klaviyo, there are two types of profilesActive and Suppressed. Further into the article will discuss how to handle these profiles as well as what Klaviyo and you can do with them.


How to Create a Not Opted-In Segment

After customers are either opted-in or out, there are other marketing strategies you could execute. Because there are a number of ways active profiles, or emailable contacts, are added to your account, it is important to exclude not opted-in contacts so that you don't receive high unsubscribe or spam complaint rates. Contacts who are not opted in and are not suppressed can still trigger flows. Creating segments for your Klaviyo account and business is one step towards a successful business and great data management.


Hope this helped and thanks again for being a part of the Community!