The subscriber name in email is wrong

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi, klaviyo

I would like to ask why my subscriber name is wrong when we send the email to them? Her registration name is Kehui Pang. However, the email we send to them stated “Maiserah” ? May I know what happened and how to solve this?



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Hi @hometaste , 


Thank you for your question and being a part of the the Klaviyo Community! 


In order to make messages feel more personalized to customers, Klaviyo enables you to add template tags and property variables to your communications. A ‘First Name’ property is an example of a property variable, which can be ‘people’ properties because they are specific to each person’s profile. If the wrong name is popping up in the email, that could signify there might be inconsistencies in the property variable, or people variables, in the profile. It’s possible that this information, such as a first name, has been incorrectly synced to the profile via an integration. I suggest investigating whether or not the first name property is being override or updated from any integrations connected to your Klaviyo account that may be causing this inconsistency.


When you identify where the errors are coming from, I would refer to this Help Center Article, How To Import Profile Properties Using a CSV Upload, on importing the correct information into your customers profiles. This should ensure your messages contain the correct first names moving forward. 


The Help Center has an awesome article regarding Template Tags and Variables I’d recommend for more insight on the matter! 


Thanks for participating in our Community!






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We have had this issue occuring, Klaviyo was unable to give us a clear cut answer basically putting it back on us that it could be a 3rd party integration or something of that nature.


Unfortunately we’ve lost several loyal customers in the process who have then been incorrectly addressed by the wrong names in flow emails and so on. From all of our investigation internally we cannot find a pattern of how it is happening nor a link between the incorrect sync names having any overlap in purchase time / activity its very bizarre and sadly didn’t ever occur with us when using Listrak or Mailchimp while still on the same CMS 


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Hi @DaveK ,


Thank you for sharing your honest experience with us. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced with this particular issue and that we couldn’t offer you the solution you were looking for. I understand how frustrating that can be.


As mistakes or errors can occur, we recommend testing your emails through the Preview option either in Klaviyo or sending a test email to yourself to ensure that things are working correctly and meeting your expectations. Can you confirm that you followed the steps in this tutorial of  How To Call a First Name Property ? At times, even the slightest misstep can cause a misfire or profile properties can be overridden if duplicated from other integrations. Additionally, in your investigation of potential links to this problem, were you able to confirm whether or not the profiles affected were brought over by the same third-party integration or source i.e. a signup form or manual CSV upload? 


Unfortunately, we can only troubleshoot and explain what might occurring inside our our own platform. If Klaviyo ever recommends checking with your third-party integrations to see if something is misfiring, it is not an attempt to abandon finding a solution for our customers, but rather expressing that we’ve exhausted all options on our end, but want to still guide our customers in next steps to reach a solution. When there are multiple third-party integrations attached to an account, yet our experts have ruled out an error or bug on our end, we want our customers to know that there are other potential places this error could be occurring so nothing is potentially missed in the investigation. 


If there is still no further insight into why this misnaming is happening, I recommend removing these tags from your emails so your customers are no longer experiencing this issue further. 


Again, thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us and for being a part of the Community,


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Hi Taylor 

Finding this issue we’re experiencing is actually like finding a needle in a haystack where we only come across the error in name when a customer notifies us. This has also made it troublesome to rectify as we’re unable to understand how its happening. The issue isn’t from an upload of CSV file but rather it happens somehow with syncing when customers make their purchases with our store.

Seeing as we dont have a 3rd party integration except for using Klaviyo’s magento extension we dont have much hope it seems in rectifying this. 

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Hi @DaveK


I can understand that it is very frustrating when your answer seems undiscoverable in a sea of possibilities. In addition to testing your emails in preview to see if the name in the email matches the customer you would be viewing the email as, you can change the first name dynamic variable to a plain variable such as ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello there’, to instill some customization to your emails until a solution is discovered.

Thank you for sharing that you are using a Magneto extension as that helps identify how we can move forward. It may be worthwhile to navigate to Magneto’s Community Forum or their Support and ask how Magneto logs its profile properties and personalization variables. As these variables are being overridden at some point, this can give us a clue as to how that data is coming into your store and being captured. This could enable us identify where things are going wrong and rectify the situation.