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  • 6 October 2021
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I want to be able to track the value of daily orders by segment. is this possible?

I have integrated my Facebook advert to my Klaviyo account and have a lead ad running that offers 10% off first orders. I want to isolate everybody who filled out this lead ad form, was added to a list of new subscribers, and placed an order.

I have put them into the same list and flow as organic subscribers to make sending emails easier. 

My problem is that I can run an engagement report on this segment - which is useful - but it summarises too much. It gives an avg. order value but I need to see accurate daily orders from this audience.

TL;DR = how can I see daily revenue generated on a segment level?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @AdamMcA,


Welcome to the Community! I see you’re trying to get a segment report of customers who have interacted with a certain FB lead ad correct?

In this case, I'd recommend configuring a Flows Performance Report from your Analytics tab. The Flows Performance Report is highly customize-able and  lets you do a deep dive into flow-specific engagement and conversion information.

You could create a filter that is  Placed Order Total Sum, Total Value, and Rate by Day for a specific Flow over the last month:

A full table of results appears below; you can export it to a CSV file by clicking here:

Of course, details like the time frame and metrics displayed can be easily changed to suit your needs. I would highly recommend reviewing the Build Your Report section of our Help Doc​ for an in-depth overview. 

If you are using a form: we don't have functionality in place for tracking revenue based on signup form submissions directly. Here is a Help Center article that goes into more detail about how exactly that works: Understanding Conversion Tracking

One workaround would be to create a segment that collects everyone who's profile came from a form:


You can then​ run an engagement report for this segment. Please see this guide from our Help Center for a more detailed explanation: Understanding Engagement Reports for Lists and Segments

I hope this info was helpful, but if you still have any questions after reading through the documentation, feel free to reach out again!


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Hi Alex,


Thank you for your answer but unfortunately it does not address my issue. We are not using a Facebook Lead Ad specific Flow to welcome these new subscribers who came in via the Facebook Lead ad.


Is that something you would recommend? We could clone our existing standard welcome flow and create a new parameter where flow is triggered by users who signed up via the Lead Ad - is that possible? If so, then your solution could work - but it seems odd that we would have to duplicate a slide when being able to analyse revenue by segment would be much easier.


Can I add this to Klaviyo’s development pipeline as a request? I can see a lot of people getting value from analysing segment data similar to how I need to.

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My apologies for misunderstanding @AdamMcA,


We don't support the ability to generate a revenue report from a subscriber list at this time. This is however something that is on our radar as a potential feature add-on.

One thing to note about cloning a flow is that if they are list/segment triggered vs metric triggered, the cloning process will behave differently. A metric triggered flow will require you to create and save copies of each email template to resend.


For the alternative solution, I would recommend using was previously mentioned and filtering your facebook lead ad customers from a flow so that you can create a report. If you can isolate those people coming in, then that would mean you could create a day by day report for each flow email tracking revenue. 


Another thing is: what you could do is create a segment including everyone who has filled out a lead form and then run an engagement report.
What you can do is apply date filters on the top right, to look at a date range or specific day and it will display all emails originating from a lead ad on that day. The only limitation with this is that you can't export from here, so a workaround would be to create a segment with a custom date range, and then export the data as CSV which would show you new emails within that date range.?name=inline156524067.png

Lastly, another way to get a solution (although it will not be daily revenue breakdown) would be to use the best people breakdown and export that CLV for your segment reports. It would be faster to look at averages of segments but will not provide a daily breakdown.

I will also update you here if there are new things to add or report back on.

All the best,


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hi  @alex.hong

Could you post here or inform me when the feature “revenue per segment” is released? I am highly interested in analyzing a segment’s revenue over time in order to get my ads ROI.

Could you show exactly how to create a segment and then a flow to get the revenue with in a report from the analytics tab?

my current challenge: Whats the revenue per new customer since 1.1.2022? I created a segment


and a flow with the trigger “when someone joins segment” but there is no “analytics” when I click on anlytics to get to a report. I guess I should have created this before 1.1.2022 in order to have the flow populated?


thank you in advance



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Hi there @chris141331,

Sure thing!

To start, I think for your question regarding populating a flow with past data you can just back populate the flow to get past users in.

As for your question regarding revenue per segments:

If you navigate to Analytics > All Metrics > Placed Order > Best People then click Export to CSV, you can export ALL revenue over ALL time for this segment:

Some other options for Revenue Reporting are summed up in our guide: Getting Started with Reporting

You'll find options for reporting on all of the following: 

  • Campaigns
  • Lists & Segments
  • Flows 
  • Signup Forms
  • Custom Reports

With any/all of the above options for revenue reporting, Klaviyo conversions are attributed to emails based on a Last Touch Attribution model, as explained here: Understanding Conversion Tracking

A conversion occurs when a recipient opens or clicks your email message and then takes another action (such as placing an order) within the conversion period. By default, the conversion period is 5 days, but this setting can be adjusted in your account's email settings.



Hope that helped,