Trouble importing a list and understanding profiles in my account

  • 25 April 2023
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Hi, I am completely new here 😀 A marketing company we were paying for to do Klayvio have left me stranded with a messed up account. I don’t have a clue really what I am doing and because the set up stage has been done by someone else which seems a mess, it seems so confusing to me. I have watched videos, but none of them seem to show the issues I have. If I could start it from scratch I would, but we already have some contacts in there now.

Question 1

I logged in yesterday to have a look and try and upload a csv file from another marketing platform we have, with no joy. I have checked the date and everything of the file but it still fails. The list had the customer email, first name, last name and date consented only, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Question 2

When I logged in is showing me we have 2540 counts under profiles, not in any list, however, today the profile count is the same but I cannot view any emails now. Has anyone else had this issue of them not showing?


Question 3

I assume that when I can view the profiles again, I then have to put these profiles into a list? There is one made for newsletter by the marketing company, but it has only 140 profiles in it. Do you know why they possibly weren’t all uploaded into a list?

Thank you for any help you can give 😀


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Hello @KelUK,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and sorry to hear about your experience!

If you’re having trouble importing a list of contact/profiles to a Klaviyo list, I would suggest taking a look at some help center article that can help guide you through the process:

You can also try searching the error message you’re getting that’s preventing you from importing these contacts within the Community or our Help Center to see if we have a resource or if others have ran into a similar issue.

When you’re having issues accessing certain pages of Klaviyo, I oftentimes recommend clearing the cache and cookies on your browser. I would also make sure you don’t have any ad-blockers, anti-viral software, or network blockers that would prevent Klaviyo from functioning correctly. 

It’s actually very common to see a larger number of active profiles than those on a list. That’s because not everyone that visits your site or purchases from you is going to opt-in and subscribe to your marketing list.

For example, someone who makes a purchase from your site but did not check the marketing consent checkbox while checking out. This customer would be considered an active profile in Klaviyo since they shared implied consent, but did not share explicit consent to be added to a marketing list. 

I hope this helps!




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Hi @KelUK,

I can understand you're confusion and frustration.

To give you a honest answer, you have 2 options.

  1. Hire a good Klaviyo Agency and have them help you figure things out, or give you a training on how to do things yourself.
  2. Watch all video's there are, read all the help center articles, browse and search the community and try to learn yourself.

I don't know your budget and timeline but if you plan to own this yourself I would suggest just start playing around with Klaviyo (maybe setup a separate free account where you can test things without breaking it). 


About profiles I would like to add something which I see a lot of people struggle with in the beginning.

Klaviyo holds profiles which are using an email address as the unique key to separate a profile. So if you have 2 people with the same names but different email addresses they would count as 2 profiles.

A profile is added in/to Klaviyo in different ways:

  • manually by uploading them
  • Through integrations
    • i.e. your webshop / ecommerce platform syncs all customers from the past (this is a good thing) so you can create segments
    • tools you integrate like: Reviews platform, Loyalty, Typeform.
  • Trough signups

If an email address (profile) already exists when a new address is added it will add the related information to a profile. I.e. someone placed an order and left a review and the review tool is integrated with Klaviyo  When you open up a profile you'll see which touchpoints a profile has had.

Now where things often go sideways is that when a profile is added to Klaviyo this does not mean they actually signed up for a newsletter. Newsletter subscriptions are tracked using lists in klaviyo. If someone is on a list this means they have (or should have) given consent to get emailed. A profile can be added to multiple lists. 


So even if you see 2540 profiles, this doesn't mean they are email subscribers.


I hope this helps and gets you going in the right direction.

Omar Lovert // Polaris Growth // Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner

We help with e-commerce growth through CRO, Klaviyo and CVO


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Thank you to everyone for your help, it is much appreciated. I luckily have now managed to import my contact list too and upgraded my plan to a paid version. 


I will watch all the videos and see how I get on for now. It is a shame that some marketing companies are claiming to be experts and just take your money and do nothing for 3 months. Possibly Klayvio could prevent these people conning others, but I guess that would be hard, like with all marketing I guess. I am now so reluctant to pay any one else to help me until I have at least a little background knowledge to understand things are being done in the future, but this is definitely something I will need soon to grow as I just do not have the time.


I am now learning how to import our brand fonts.


Thanks again :)

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Hey @KelUK,

Glad to hear you were able to successfully import your list! 

In the future, I would suggest taking a look through our Klaviyo Partner Directory if you were in search of an agency to help you grow your business.

In fact, @Omar is actually a Platinum Klaviyo partner and has helped a number of clients if you were interested in connecting with him and his agency.