Unable to edit/Update email address in a profile

  • 21 January 2022
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I had a subscriber’s email address hard bounce. Since I had been in contact with this person via emails in the past, I compared the email address from my inbox to the one in her Klaviyo profile and noticed it was misspelled. (She likely misspelled it when placing an order and didn’t realize)

I’m trying to update her email address in Klaviyo under “Contact” by hitting “edit”, entering the corrected email address, selecting “update profile”.

But the profile never updates and the misspelled version of her email address is still present.

Is there another way to go about editing the email address in a person’s profile?


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Hi @Charleashes, I just tried updating a profile and it seemed to take the change so I know the updating profile should work. 

I suspect it didn’t “save” for you because the properly spelled version may already exist?  Perhaps you “fixed” it on the shopping platform and it synced that to Klaviyo so it can’t be changed since it already exists as a different profile. Klaviyo syncs with your shopping platform so if her email was corrected there, it may have synced it to Klaviyo as a new profile since the email address is typically the unique identifier of a profile (unless you have a custom platform or implementation that uses another unique identifier).  Since the email address was changed, it’s technically a different person (profile) in Klaviyo.

If you do find two Profiles of her in Klaviyo (one with the typo)- you can “merge” them together.  Here’s how to merge profiles in this documentation here:

Let us know if that fixed the issue or you’re still having problems.

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Thank you Joseph! It seemed to be a weird bug or slow connection. I logged out of Klaviyo and re-tried and it went through. So strange because everything else was working great, haha. 

But your info was super helpful and is something I know to look out for in the future! Thank you!!!