Understanding First Active Date vs Profile Created Date

  • 22 April 2022
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the explain from support about first active:
First Active: the first time that a profile engaged with your account. The date recorded represents the first time the contact was active (e.g., opened or clicked an email, visited your website, made a purchase, etc.)

but a profile ,email is ""

the created time in shopify is”2022-03-11 07:21:01”,  i can’t understand the result. 





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Hi @kimmia,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I understand the profile was created in Shopify on March, 11th 2022, and that profile was synced over to Klaviyo at that time (as evidenced by the Profile Created date of March 11th, 2022). The Profile Created date is the date the profile was actually created in Klaviyo.  However, that initial Profile Created date in the absence of any other activity wouldn’t set a First Active date. The types of activities that would set a First Active date include things like Placed Orders, Started Checkouts and Cancelled Orders in Shopify. For a list of events that are synced over from Shopify, see our documentation here

Other activities that would establish a First Active date on the profile include things a user would do in Klaviyo like opening an Klaviyo email or clicking a Klaviyo email. These two scenarios is what we mean when we say: “Only if this person engages with an email, or takes an action that is tracked by Klaviyo, will this property be set.” The “engages” are opens and clicks and the “takes an action” are the placed orders, started checkouts etc. synced from Shopify. If neither of those things are done, there will be no First Active date until such a thing occurs. 

It appears that this particular users first “engagement” was the “Opened Email” event that took place on April 18th. Although it says “Monday” in the timeline, that lines up with the date and time of the First Active date (April 18th, 2022) under the Information section of the profile.

So in a nutshell, the profile was created (Profile Created Date) when the user was created in Shopify and that transferred over to Klaviyo on March 22nd, 2022. Then, when the user took their first “engagement” action (Opened email on April 18th, 2022), the First Active date was established.

I hope that helps clear things up.