Understanding the difference between form fill number & number of users in a segment

  • 10 August 2021
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Created an embed and flyout form asking several questions - different grade levels and parent or teacher (Book Site).

The signup forms indicate less than 200 used the form. However, when I segment out the various categories, I am getting large # of people within a category? Is the system using some kind of AI between Klaviyo and Shopify to create these numbers?

Just looking for some kind of confirmation as to how I can have a category with 3000 in it, yet less than 200 signed up thru the forms




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5 replies

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Hello @BernieMBL,

Thanks for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community.

Before I attempt to diagnose the issue, it would be helpful to get a little more information from you. First, could you kindly share screenshots to show where you’re seeing the 200 number for the form? You mention using two forms - is 200 the collective number of submits for both forms together or just one? If the 200 figure is only for one form, let me know what the total number of submits is for both forms collectively and if they are collecting the same fields or different fields.

I am also interested to see how you are mapping your sign-up form questions within the Klaviyo form. If you could share a screenshot here to that includes the input field’s “Profile Property” and “Value”, that would be helpful (something like what is displayed below).


Finally, could you show me an example of a segment definition you’re using to capture a specific category?

Additionally, can you confirm if you are collecting the same custom properties from the embed + flyout forms from another 3rd party form or through another integration? Another possibility is that these custom property fields are being funneled in through another source.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi DD,

Thanks for offering to help explain this!

I’ve attached the 3 pics you requested. It is integrated and collecting data with Shopify as well as her website. Both forms are on the Shopify store as well as the website itself. The domain is and the store is:

Appreciate any insight you have or help in showing me what I am missing in all this?



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Hi @BernieMBL,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. That was helpful to put everything into context.

Ok - what this tells us is that these custom properties are being logged through other source(s) that aren’t exclusively these two Klaviyo forms.

Some further possibilities include a .csv upload. If at some point yourself or another member who had access to the Klaviyo account actioned a .csv upload with these custom properties to update the profiles that would explain this outcome. Perhaps this was done in the context of migrating ESPs? Alternatively or additionally, these custom property fields could be passed to Klaviyo through another 3rd party sign-up form like Typeform, a Klaviyo manage preferences page or adding these custom properties via a button or a link within email campaigns or flows within your account. If you are using any other 3rd party integration or the Identify API to pass custom properties that is another possibility. It could be an update flow action adding these properties as well.

All and any of these scenarios would update the profile’s custom properties, but not log any submitted form metric since they’re being updated independent of the form fill. So there are quite a few ways in which this can occur. I’d recommend consulting with anybody else working within the Klaviyo account to see if any of these aforementioned items were acted on, since the updates must have come from somewhere :)

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Hey DD,

Thanks for this… all makes sense now….. I know sometime last year, I imported when we stopped Mailchimp, so that’s probably a big portion of it too!!

Appreciate you taking the time to help me get my head around this!!

Again, thanks very much!


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Hi @BernieMBL,

You’re very welcome. Glad I was able to assist, have a great weekend.