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  • 22 August 2022
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I’m hoping someone can help me out a bit since I’ve gotten stuck :(

I’m preparing some new flows that will go out to all customers, but I want to offer the option to unsubscribe to these flows specifically (since these flows are about a particular feature). 

My concern right now is that if someone unsubscribes, they will unsubscribe from all emails entirely. While I know we can make list-specific unsubscribe options, I would need to use a segment. 

Is there any way to make an unsubscribe option for a segment only? 

Thank you!!


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Hi @SJK,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

The short answer here is there isn’t a way to unsubscribe from a segment because segment membership is based on a set of pre-determined conditions and as long as a user meets said conditions, they’ll be included in that segment. Similarly, if they do not meet those conditions, they’ll be excluded from the segment. With that said, we can use these principles to our advantage by setting up conditions based on product-interests, and only include people in a flow who meet those conditions (are interested in learning more about the product).

But first, you’ll need to collect those interests. This can be done by adding two buttons to the first flow email in your flow (to all purchasers, say) to collect information on whether users are interested in hearing more about this particular feature or not. I recommend reading this article for more information on how to set up the buttons. In effect, one button will say “yes” I want to hear more about this feature and the other will say “no” I’m not interested. 

You can also amend your global manage preferences page (which would be the manage preferences page displayed to users who are in an event-triggered flow or are a part of a segment). In this preferences page, include a checkbox option to see if they’re interested in hearing about this particular feature. This also presents an opportunity to collect other interests (i.e. if you wish to explore their interests in other product features). Once you’ve collected their interests, you’ll set up a separate segment-triggered flow which includes users who said “yes” or if that property is “not set”. In other words, the segment will only include people who explicitly said they wanted to hear about this feature or who have not yet decided. It’s in this flow that you would include the information about the product feature.  Again, I would include the same buttons in this email (yes and no), in case at any time they’re no longer interested to hear about these updates and select “no”, they’ll be excluded from the segment and thus excluded from the flow (and any other flow that also is triggered off of this same preference). 

So in short, you’ll create & collect their “product feature update” preferences, then build and trigger a separate segment-triggered flow based on that preference (i.e. properties about someone > interested in hearing about product field X = yes) to inform users more about that feature (with the option to say “no” and in effect “opt-out” of said emails.) It’s worth mentioning that saying “no” will log a custom property and won’t be an official “unsubscribe” like unsubscribing from a list. So there is a technical difference here, but it will still achieve the goal of giving people the option to “opt-out” of these emails if they wish by way of clicking a button.

I hope that’s helpful.