Unsuscribe from Newsletter also unsuscribes from corporate emails

  • 12 April 2022
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We have a buyer / seller website, where we need to send update to our sellors. These emails are sent through differents triggers

  • When the seller creates an account
  • When the products of a seller are online
  • When we sell the product of a seller 

We also have a Newsletter, to which seller and buyer can optin to receive emails.


But when a seller unsuscribes from a flow or from the newsletter, he does not receive the mails from the other flows, and that’s a big problem.

I checked my configuration and we have not selected the Global unsuscribe option, so I don’t know where the probleme is coming from.

Any help ?


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Hi @Laurent,

When a recipient unsubscribes from an email you send, they will be suppressed for all future emails, regardless of which list(s) the message is sent to. If you have a paid Klaviyo plan, you can adjust this behavior on the account level or for specific lists.

When the global unsubscribe setting is disabled, those who unsubscribe from a list-based send will only be suppressed from the list (or lists) that message was sent to, and may still receive messages sent to other lists they have subscribed to. You can set that up by following the steps here.

Further, if you are sending transactional messages, these can be sent to individuals who are not subscribed to marketing, but we need to manually mark these emails as transactional for you. Subscriptions renewals, shipping delays, and fulfillment notifications all qualify as transactional emails. We have more on that here: Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails.

Do you mind sharing an example of a profile that unsubscribed from one Flow’s newsletter but their profile shows that they are also not receiving other emails?



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Hey, thanks a lot for the anwser. I have never selected the global unsuscribe option, so the problem is not coming from here.


I am sending “campaigns” emails to all my suscribers, mixing sellers (created an account) and buyer (suscribed to newsletter). When the seller unsuscribes from a campaing mails, he is also unsuscribed from the seller transactional messages. Here’s an exemple :


And I have created specific Flows that the seller MUST see.


I’m gonna check the 2nd link that you sent me. (The 1st link is sending me to this exact same page ;) )


Meanwhile, if you have any advice, do not hesitate.

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Hi @Laurent,

Thanks for catching that. It has been resolved now. Sometimes, our links end up like that so I appreciate the callout.

If they unsubscribe from a metric-based flow, then they will be unsubscribed from all lists and be globally suppressed automatically even with the setting off. It's only if the flow is triggered by a specific list where they will unsubscribe from just that one list. Reference here.

For example, if the profile you tested with unsubscribed from something like an abandoned cart flow, which is a metric based flow not list triggered flow, there is no specific list the platform can unsubscribe the customer from, therefore they are suppressed from all lists instead. It could only happen on a LIST triggered flow. 

When contacts are suppressed, all of their recorded activity will be preserved on their profiles, but they will no longer be able to receive emails from you.


Hope that helped,