Update a user’s preference via a link - not working

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi, I am trying to use the following variable via a button in an email:

{% preference_link 'customer_type' 'gen_cust' %}

As described here:

When I send a test email and click the button, I am directed to my “update preferences” page, however, the custom property specified is not updated with the specified value 

Both ‘customer_type’ and ‘gen_cust’ are both properties that exist on my manage preference page. What am I doing wrong?


If i use the variable {% update_property_link 'customer_type' 'gen_cust' '' %} in the button URL instead, then the property value on the profile is updated, however, I need the customer to end up on their update preferences page rather than my home page.

What am I doing wrong with the {% preference_link 'customer_type' 'gen_cust' %} variable?

Is there a way to use the {% update_property_link 'customer_type' 'gen_cust' '' %} variable but end up on the customers update preferences page rather than''?




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Hi @hsconline,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Keep in mind there are two types of manage preferences pages - a list-specific page (for each discrete list) and a general manage preferences page. Can you confirm that you have updated both types of pages to include the property name and value you’re describing? For example, if you’ve added yourself to a list for testing purposes and the list-specific preference page does not contain the property + value set for the custom property, that would prevent this from working.

I hope that’s helpful.


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Thanks Dov, yes, both my list-specific manage preferences page and my general manage preferences page have the property name and values needed.

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Hi @hsconline,

Thanks for confirming this with us.

I checked in internally and I noticed you’re in touch with one of our support team members on this issue. I recommend continuing your correspondence with them and they’ll be able to provide you with next steps.

Thanks for being a community member.

As of this time of this post - For anyone wondering about having the preference page actually reflect your customers custom properties I have had it confirmed with Klayvio support it is not possible without using a ‘custom hosted page (html + css)’. 

For example, if you have a checklist on your standard list preference page setup as “Your Pet” and the tick box options “Dog” and “Cat”, then you update your customer custom property value for “Your Pet” to be “Dog”, when that customer visits the default preference page, “Dog” will not be ticked.. it will just be blank. 

And yes, ridiculous as it seems, if a customer updates their last name for example and haven’t realised they have not re-ticked their “Your Pet” property (because it’s blank), it will remove the values from their profile!! 

Seems only non-custom properties will be shown in the standard preference page, such as name, email, phone etc.