Update Custom Property Using CSV Not Working

  • 24 March 2022
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Howdy! I’m trying to update this profile:

Klaviyo Profile

Email                           Property1              X


…with this file:

Imported CSV File

Email                           Property1              Y


Y shows up as Sample Data in the import review, but X is not changing to Y within profile after import. Shouldn’t Property1 = Y after import or am I misinterpreting what the expected behavior should be?

I’m referencing:

…where it says “Contacts that do not already have their own profiles will have new ones created. Otherwise, any new column value will be added to their existing profile. … Any column that already exists on a contact's profile will be overwritten by the most recent upload. “

Any help appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hi @DoctorYes - welcome to the community!

From my experience, the updates of profile data sometimes can take time to take into effect.  Usually when you upload a CSV (even if it’s a small file), it goes through a batching process to be queued up to be processed. Did you let some time pass before checking? If so, check to see if there were any errors during the process.  Klaviyo has a handy guide to help you troubleshoot in this article here:

Also, on a side note, I’m not sure if your example was for illustration purposes only, but if you wanted to edit a single or a handful of profiles, you can do it manually from the profile itself which might be faster.  

Hope this helps and let us know if it worked or not!

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Thanks Joseph,

Did you let some time pass before checking?

Yes, 20 hours or so.

I checked the troubleshooting link before posting, but no help. My example was for illustration (though my actual case is just as simple). We are trying to understand how the system works so we can adapt our needs to the system, and importing new values for properties is key. 

I appreciate your help.


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Hi @DoctorYes,

Thanks for sharing this with us and thank you @retention for your help here as well. 

Maybe you could share a short video detailing your process (from showcasing the .csv file and format itself to the upload) and I can have a look to see where something may be going awry. Just be sure to redact any sensitive account information including names and email addresses, (using a sample or test email in the .csv file is totally fine). The troubleshooting doc Joe brought up should cover the majority of cases, but I’ll see if I can spot something else :)