"Update_Property_Link" sending me to a placeholder instead of the correct URL?

  • 8 December 2022
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I am having an error when using a button to update a property (something that worked in the past and is no longer working?!?!?)

Klaviyo is redirecting to a placeholder page in test rather than my landing page, and not updating the property.

{% update_property_link 'NPS Rating' '3' '' %}

This is the code I’m using. Can anyone help me understand why this method isn’t working for me? It used to work perfectly.​​​​​​


Some things you may need to know. 

  1. It worked in the past 
  2. Its placed in my email flow

Please let me know, thank you!


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Are you using the preview test feature? A lot of the links in preview/test sends only use placeholders.


Anything with a dynamic value, I would do a real send. Make a list called “Test send” and only include yourself in that list. Then send out the campaign to that list and see if the values populate for you correctly. 


At least that is what we do a lot!