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  • 20 October 2023
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Hi Klaviyo Community!

I am reaching out today to find out if it is possible to trigger a flow based on what URL customers have been active on.

I want to trigger a flow with one plain text email everytime customers goes to the FAQ page and then split the flow based on non buyers, checkout started and repeated buyers (segments that I have)

This flow would be simple check up with the customers to provide additional customer service. We believe that this type of email should be tested and would like to see if it have any impact on customer retention. 

I just read this article: 

If this is logical and works for my query, please add a brief step to step guide as I have basic knowledge of code.

Thank you all in advance.

I wish you a great day, 



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HI @SamanSaffari Thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community!

I think this Klaviyo article may help you - for custom page tracking, you need to add a javascript code snippet to each page of your site that you want to track - in this case, the FAQ page. This article walks you through it:

Installing the snippet

  1. Copy and paste the complete snippet below into your page files.
  2. Then save and publish your website files with the updated code.
<script type="text/javascript">var _learnq = _learnq || [];_learnq.push(['track', 'Viewed Page', {PageName: "AboutUs"}]);</script>

Once the snippet has been added to your site, it will record a custom Viewed Page metric in which the property name PageName equals the value AboutUs.