Users are not being saved in klaviyo (are not into profiles)

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Some of my users:

  • Users who have created an account on my website (Prestashop website) + have refused to receive my newsletters and havent abandoned a cart yet, are not saved into klaviyo. 

I can’t find them in my profiles. I can see them in my prestashop webiste, but in Klaviyo, they’re not there. 

Have you ever got this problem? How to fix it please? 


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Hi @WebM team,


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Unfortuately, these profiles are not able to be synced with Klaviyo because those people haven’t taken an action that would trigger them being added to Klaviyo. If they have not signed up to receive your marketing emails, or placed an order, or abandoned a cart and triggered your Abandoned Cart flow, then they’ll remain in your store as account-holders, but they won’t sync with Klaviyo.


@David To or @stephen.trumble might have more info for you on this.


I hope this helps!

~ Gabrielle


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Thanks for the tag @ebusiness pros! I think you might be onto something.

@WebM team, do you happen to have a customer privacy page greeting customers - typically a pop up or fly out forming asking visitors their cookie preference?

If you do, then that may be the cause. Oftentimes visitors will simply accept that cookie preference and be on their way. However, when visitors do not accept the cookie, they would not be tracked. This means, despite creating an account and providing an email address, they aren’t being tracked. 

Without being cookied, they also wouldn’t be identified by Klaviyo. Hence why a profile is not created. 

I hope this helps!