Users are recieving newsletter confirmation emails after abandoning Shopify checkout.

  • 1 March 2024
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I have a Shopify store connected to Klaviyo. When a brand new customer who has never interacted with my store (I tested with fresh emails too) abandons my checkout, they recieve a newsletter confirmation request email. 

I do not have any flows set up yet. 

The only thing I think it could be is - I have the newsletter opt in box pre-checked on my checkout, but if the user isn’t completing checkout, that is not any type of consent I would imagine, yet the profiles still have “Accepts marketing = true” on them 

Can someone tell me why this is happening?


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@mvs-one I’m not sure but this may be because of the API settings.

If you go to Setting → Account → API Keys and scroll down a bit there will be this API option to ask for Double-Opt In. Set it to Single opt in and save.


Or maybe your lists are set to double opt in. See what is the main integration list you have for the shopify integration (you can check this in the integrations in shopify and seeing what list you pick for the integration. Then find that list and make sure you also set it for single opt in.

So go in Lists & Segments, find the list and click on it then go to Settings → Consent and then in the Opt-in Process box set the opt in for this list to be single opt in and save.


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@mvs-one Hey there! To contribute to what Bobi said, you can also look into how Klaviyo tracks onsite behaviour, related to the Shopify integration.

THIS Help article speaks about how the cookie tracking works from within Klaviyo, and what you can do to stop tracking cookies in general, or certain kind of cookies.

THIS Help article speaks about how Klaviyo onsite tracking works in relation to your Shopify’s privacy settings (I’ve linked you directly to “Who Klaviyo Tracks” section).

THIS Shopify Help article should be a good starting point to help you understand who gets tracked on Shopify directly, and how that can be controlled and made white hat.

Happy to chat further!