Users email with typo in bounce list

  • 21 August 2022
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Trying to clean up my suppressed email list - I see there are users invalid emails with typo, some who entered it while at checkout and proceeded to complete a purchase.

Under suppression list, these users appear either under ‘bounced’ or under ‘invalid email’.

I wanted to create a segment to gather them all so I can fix the typo in their email addresses, but I see no option to do so. Is there a suggestion on how to solve?


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Best answer by Omar 21 August 2022, 14:28

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2 replies

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@hilabe Not sure if this is allowed without a user requesting this. This is similar to adding a user to the list without their consent or own initiative. Even if it's a clear typo error you can't be certain this was done on purpose.


Omar Lovert

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Hi Omar, 

Thank you for the response. 

Is it possible to make a segment / list of these people? If not allowed to edit so at least to delete all at once..