Using Klaviyo with a custom shop

  • 3 November 2022
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I work for a jewelry company that sells both online and through sales representatives. Our website is custom built and doesn’t use Shopify or other online sales platforms.


I have been using Klaviyo for almost 2 years and it feels like I am still in over my head and having to manually setup, clean and cultivate my customers.


Does anyone have any tips or advice for those of us using Klaviyo and not using e-commerce platforms to sell?

2 replies

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HI @BrandonSmith and welcome to the Community!


I totally understand that building a custom integration can feel overwhelming at times, but I’m glad you found your way to the Community where this topic has been discussed at length in posts like these:


I would recommend reading through these resources, especially the first one which my colleague David chimed in on. There are two replies there that describe the most common avenues to create custom integrations, as well as some important contextual definitions. 


Are you using our API to build the integration? If so, our Developer Portal contains a plethora of resources and guides that could help with the process. Additionally, if you need more hands-on assistance or council from a developer, you can always reach out to some of our expansive network of Klaviyo Partners who specialize in development work. 


I hope this helps, and as always, if you have other questions about the process (specific or generic), I encourage you to continue asking in the Community! If you’re looking for industry-specific tips, I’d also recommend joining our Apparel & Accessories Industry Group.




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Hi @BrandonSmith,

Having a custom built platform should not be an issue but should actually be a delighter, you can basically do or add anything you want to have in Klaviyo.

I think the only issue i've seen so far is having dev capacity to be able to build the functionality.

Klaviyo has very well documented dev resources. It all comes down to creativity if you ask me.

What is the main issue you're currently having? What are you running into that requires manual work each time? Because a lot can be automated.



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