Viewed Product Shows in Activity but NOT in Segment

  • 12 November 2021
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We are seeing “Viewed Product” tracked in the activity log, complete with URL, ProductID, Name, and so on. However, when creating a segment to try to isolate users who have viewed a specific product, the segment returns null. I am able to find a user (or group of users) who fit the parameters in the activity feed, but the segment does not include them.


Segment setup is super simple:



Any ideas?


Best answer by cfen 15 November 2021, 01:38

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3 replies

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Hey @cfen 

Have you recently updated the product catalog for this metric triggered segment? If you updated the catalog after the segment was set to live, you may need to re-sync the catalog to your Klaviyo account for it to start populating the segment. Also what integration are you using?

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I was able to track down my issue to the Viewed Product javascript not being installed on our GemPages. So it was firing for all of our default Shopify product pages, but not any of our custom GemPages product pages. We installed it on the GemPage and it’s working as expected now. 

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Hey @cfen 

That is fantastic news!! I am so glad you were able to solve this!! For those in the community reading this, the guide to integrating viewed product tracking has the code snippet and where to install it your custom ecommerce page settings. 

Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!