We have 76k customers on shopify but on Klaviyo it only shows 33k active profiles

  • 10 August 2023
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For this client of mine, they have 76k customers on Shopify (customers who have given email consent), but on Klaviyo, I can only see 33k active profiles.

Can I know how this mismatch usually happens?

Also, let me know if, in this case, I can export the 76k customers from Shopify and upload them into Klaviyo.

And if I do, can I know how to do it properly?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


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3 replies

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@nambirajanks I would export your list and import. I would also make a new list to add them too because if you have a flow set up to trigger when someone is added to “Newsletter” or whatever your main list is, this would trigger most of those people to get sent Welcome emails. I would then make this my main list and have everything set to go to this.


This discrepancy could be from a couple different things, first thought is when Klaviyo was added to the site. Because people were subscribed in Shopify pre-Klaviyo, doesn’t automatically mean they will be put into your newsletter list. They might be added to other ones, i.e. winback opportunities.

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Hey @nambirajanks,

I agree with everything @chelsgrove mentioned - especially the last but on understanding pre-Klaviyo subscribers.

I would further recommend list cleaning as much as possible before bringing these contacts over. A winback or sunset flow would be a great solution to help in identifying which users are engaged or not. 


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Not all customers who are on your Shopify list might have actively given consent to receive marketing emails. Klaviyo only includes profiles with active consent. Also, Klaviyo automatically manages unsubscribed and bounced email addresses. If some of the email addresses in your Shopify list have unsubscribed or resulted in bounces. 

You can export 76k customers from Shopify and uploading them into Klaviyo, it's possible to do so. you can follow these steps:

Export from Shopify

Prepare the CSV File

Import into Klaviyo

Confirmation and Opt-In

If you're uncertain about any step of the process, Klaviyo's documentation or Klaviyo support can provide specific guidance based on the latest platform updates. After all the procedure if you are still confused then you can also take help from reputable Shopify development company.