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  • 25 February 2022
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Hey all...I just created a new and separate popup to add names to a separate list and email flow. Names are not being added to the list, but are being added to the main email list and flow. Do I need a different snippet? From a Customer UX perspective, the signup form is working as it should. Any thoughts?


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Hi @Joan_CityPierSeafood,

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I recommend double-checking that the list the new sign-up form submits to is in line with your expectations.

It sounds like this net-new sign-up form is still connected to your main list, rather than your net-new list. The easiest way to confirm is to navigate to the Signup Forms tab where you’ll see which list is connected to each form. Here’s an example:

if you noticed the net-new sign-up form is connected to your main list instead of your new list, you can click on the CTA button on the new form and change the “list to submit” to the new list. You can find instructions on achieving this in more detail in the thread below:

Also, keep in mind that Klaviyo lists have double-opt in set by default, double opt-in is a process through which a new subscriber must confirm their subscription before being subscribed to a given list. It is the same for both email and SMS subscribers. You can circumvent the confirmation step for the list by changing your list to single-opt in, if you wish.

If you’re still having trouble after this, would you mind taking a screenshot of the list to submit for the form as well as a screenshot of the existing lists in question? Also, I am assuming you are referring to a Klaviyo form and your flow is indeed triggered off a list. Let me know if any of those assumptions are incorrect.

I hope that’s helpful!

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Hi there,

You know, … I somehow knew it was probably something obvious I just wasn’t seeing. I had the new form linking to the main list instead of the new one. :face_palm_tone1:  

Thanks for your response! - I’m good!