What are some Segmentation practices that are suitable for Email Campaigns?

  • 9 January 2022
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Hi Klaviyo Community,


I’m in the industry that sells tech. So most of my products are ranging about $500-1000. I’ve been trying to figure out what segmentation techniques I can apply to ensure that i’m targeting the right customers. Any suggestions?

Specifically for Email Campaigns, which can be Holiday marketing, Discounts, etc.

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Hello @Cr.oompp,

Thank you for sharing this question with the community.

I’d recommend getting started by reviewing our article on segmentation. At the bottom of the article you’ll find links to other resources you may find helpful. I’ll outline those here as well:

I also recommend checking out our article on VIP audiences, and the 7 key segments you can use to boost email and SMS performance:

  1. Cross Sell Segment
  2. Location-Based Segment
  3. Item and Brand-Specific Segment
  4. Engagement Tier Segment
  5. Churn Risk Segment
  6. Average Order Value (AOV) Segment
  7. Holiday Shoppers Segment

You can also browse our help center, now equipped with federated search provides you with resources from the community, help center and the academy (trainings). Here’s a link to the academy page. for example with search results for segment-related content.

Thanks for being a member of our community.