What are the Best Practices for Landing Page / Free Gift Lists?

  • 6 November 2020
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I’m curious about what others are doing.

We have multiple “free gift” landing pages that use Klaviyo forms to sign up users. What I’d prefer is for users to all go to the same list, but be able to get added to a different flow based on that.

What I’ve tried is building the flow with:

  1. Added to List (Main List)
  2. Flow Filter: $source = Signup form name

But this doesn’t seem to work for existing contacts. I’ve gotten it to work by signing everyone up on separate lists than the main list, but I want to consolidate those into a master list which is what gets sends for things like newsletters. I know that I can create a segment of all of those lists and consolidate that way (which is what I’m currently doing), but I was just curious if there was a more streamlined method?


Best answer by Taylor Clark 6 November 2020, 20:02

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Hey Brian, 

Not sure if this will directly solve your problem but ideally serves as a workaround. You could continue to have them go to separate lists, so that they fire the correct flows, but then create a main SEGMENT (vs. main LIST), the segment criteria being:

Is in List A
Is in List B
Is In List C

Then you could use this main segment as your newletter list. 

Hopefully this helps,

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Thanks Taylor, that’s been my current solution. I think I might just be too concerned with how many lists and segments there are. I was trying to keep them at a minimum, but your answer tells me I was already on the right track.

Thanks again!