What is a List vs Segment

  • 19 August 2021
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What is best definition of List and segment?


Best answer by alex.hong 20 August 2021, 00:14

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Hi @sachin16 ,


Great question and thanks for posting to the Community!

You can think of 'List' as being static and as more customers sign up to learn more about your product or service the list will grow. A 'Segment' is a more dynamic list which means that when certain conditions are changed or met the number of profiles will shrink or grow. I will include a few references materials below to get you started:

Understanding the Difference Between Lists and Segments
Klaviyo's Default Lists and Segments 

Both list and segments can be used in a flow depending on your business strategy. For example, we recommend using Lists for your Welcome Series - people are added to Segments based on conditions they meet. When it comes to the Welcome Series, it is generally triggered when someone signs up via a Signup form and is added to a List.


Hope this helped and thank you for being a part of the Community!


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@alex.hong - I think the link in your response is broken? 

Here is an article that explains the difference between a Segment and List for anyone that needs it:

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Hi @retention ,

Good catch! That was odd and unexpected for the link to not work! Thank you :)