What is the most recent consent/opt-in field?

  • 9 October 2023
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Hi folks, so I’m in the process of creating a new master list/single source of truth for a few accounts and trying to clean the data up first. Each account has multiple lists. Various profiles have values for “email marketing consent”, “Email Marketing Double Opted In”, “Accepts Marketing”, “Consent”.

As far as I can tell, “Accepts marketing” is from Shopify, “Consent” is from Klaviyo and the others may be from different sources over the last couple of years. The lists were collected via various methods, not exclusively a newsletter signup or checkout opt-in.

My question is - what is the most recent/most reliable source of “yes, this person wants marketing” data?


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Hi @wernstrom!


Glad you’re merging lists now to create a current “source of truth” to work with. That data cleanup can be painstaking, but it’s so nice to leverage once it’s done!


In Klaviyo, you can rely on the “is not suppressed” status to indicate who is an “active” profile. They’re changing some of the language in the software recently, so you might also see this phrased as IF “someone does accept marketing emails”


As for “Email Marketing Double Opted In”, this isn’t data you’d use to segment the list so it could be deleted or disregarded while merging lists. “Consent” and “email marketing consent” should both be tied to the “is/ is not suppressed” status unless one of those properties came from another ESP that was used previously. In which case, you might delete one or both of those fields as well. 


“Accepts Marketing” is something you’ll need to maintain since that’s consistently updated with profiles synced from Shopify. However, you’ll want to check on your list sync settings and make sure that “accepts marketing = true” profiles are synced with this master list you’re designating as the “source of truth.”