What's the best way to create a sunset segment post IOS 15?

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering how you guys would build a sunset segment post-IOS 15 ?


Would you only have segment with clicks ?

Would you create 2 sunset flows (one for Apple privacy opens and one for non Apple privacy opens ?)


I am very opened to new ideas because I am kind of stuck there.


Thanks for your help !




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 9 June 2022, 16:24

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Hi @The Emailist,


Welcome to the Community! Coming in hot with a great question!


iOS 15 has certainly changed things in order to establish privacy leadership that will affect your Klaviyo account. You can ready more about what those changes are and how we’ve responded in this helpful blog post. 


Essentially, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this, but I have collected a few different techniques from colleagues to try and encourage you to see what works best for your business. It should be noted that we have created a specific property in segmentation that can help identify iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection Opens, which I would definitely recommend investigating! Some options you could try would be to:


  1. Only have one Sunset Flow, but expand the trigger definition to include other engagement metrics like clicked email, placed order, or even active on site, or even replacing the opened email metric you’d typically use with a sunset flow with those metrics.
  2. Only have one Sunset Flow, but adding the metric filter under Opened email zero times in last 90 days to include > Apple Privacy Open equals False.
  3. You could create two flows, one regular and one that looks like the image below. 



Finally, I’d suggest checking out these other helpful Community threads to learn more about the update.


Hope these helps! Please come back and let us know what you decide to go with and how it works out after you implement it! I’m sure it would be helpful for our other users to know!


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Hi @Taylor Tarpley ,


Thank you so much for this detailed answer. Much appreciated.








Wondering: In the example above, why did you include the last definition “Opened at least once in the last 180 days where Apple Privacy Open equals true” when you already have the first definition for zero opens where Apple Privacy Open equals false, also confused because all definitions are zero times, but this one is “at least once.” I’m obviously missing some understanding here :/



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Hi @JayRoc


Thanks for your question! I totally understand how this might be tricky at first! 


I’d recommend investigating our helpful documentation on How to Identify Mail Privacy Protection Opens to understand this more! Essentially, the goal of the screenshot segment is to identify these group of lapsed users who’s privacy is being protected. If Apple Privacy Open is False, then the open event can be attributed to a recipient opening and viewing your message on a device without Apple’s MPP feature enabled, so this condition is excluding any users who aren’t using privacy protocols to protect their actions being known to companies. So adding this ‘false’ condition ensures that people who aren’t using the privacy protection will not be brought into this section. Only those who have* mail privacy attribution (meaning this is true for them)! 


Hope that helped!