What's the difference between a Global Unsubscribe, Unsubscribed from List, Accepts Marketing and Suppressed?

  • 22 April 2022
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Hi there @kimmia


Thanks for your interest in this question and for bringing it back to our attention. Would love to explain this further! 


For all free accounts, there is no possible option of unsubscribing from a singular list, only a global unsubscribe. When a profile unsubscribes or ‘globally unsubscribes’ from an email you send, they will be suppressed  for all future emails, regardless of which list(s) the message is sent to.


However, If you have a paid Klaviyo plan, you can  adjust this behavior on the account level or for specific lists.. When the global unsubscribe setting is disabled, those who unsubscribe from a list-based send will only be suppressed from the list (or lists) that message was sent to, and may still receive messages sent to other lists they have subscribed to and will not be automatically suppressed. 


Finally, the "Accepts Marketing' property is a Shopify tag, not a Klaviyo property, that syncs over to your account if a profile subscribes to marketing on a form or at checkout. The property can be either true or false. Below is an example of how the property appears on a customer's profile in Klaviyo. 


I’d suggest checking out our awesome Klaviyo academy as well. We have a couple courses that could further explain these features and to keep growing your Klaviyo product knowledge!


Thanks for participating in the Community!