Why am I not receiving notifications of new signups to my newsletter?

  • 26 April 2022
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I have a customer who is trying to sign up for my newsletter, she got all the confirmation emails alongside the GDPR etc and has received the discount code, but her email is not showing up in my newsletter list. 
I’ve also received a new profile from another customer who signed up using my form on my website but her email isn’t showing up on my newsletter list either. Plus I’ve not received any emails from Klaviyo letting me know I have two new subscribers.


Any ideas what’s happening here please?

I tweaked my sign up form slightly the other week but it all said it was live on my dashboard so I’m not sure that would have affected it?


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Hi @KateW,

Welcome to the Community.

This could be showing up for a few reasons so it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the issues lies from the start.

Are the lists are set-up to include double opt-in? Meaning that they wont add people to the list until they verify that they would like to receive emails. If that is the case, I would recommend checking out this article regarding the topic. 

It could also be that your signup from is not synced to link to a list so your subscribers are not coming into the platform. Here are some community post that goes over this as well:


This could also be an integration issue if you are connecting an app such as Shopify to Klaviyo. 


Hope this helped get you started,


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@KateW I assume you already tested this but what do you see when you search for that person's email address in the menu bar on top? can you see her profile? If so which lists has she subscribed to?