Why are customer photos appearing automatically?

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we have recently migrated to klaviyo and a customer has contacted us to ask why her photo is suddenly appearing on her account info. without any activation / permission from her. thanks, Elain


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Hi Elain, that’s odd.  Where is the customer seeing their account? Could you send a screenshot of where the customer would see it?

Are you using Shopify?

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Hi @elain, it’s possible that your ecommerce platform is using “gravatars” which are profile images associated with an email address that they may have uploaded, that is then reused in your “Account Info” page by making an API call to Gravatar to fetch a profile image (if it exists).  I think Klaviyo uses it too, but not in any direct way that I’ve seen. 

Gravatars are typically used in the Wordpress community, but it is an open standard and a free service that any website can use.  The end user can always control who has access to it on (or disable it completely).  

You can learn more about it here:

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Thank you so much for replying.