Why are my Contacts going into Profiles instead of a List?

  • 21 November 2020
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HI everyone,


I cant figure out how to manage new emails not ending up where I want them to.


  1. Buyers of products ends up in profiles where I can not do anything with them, or can I?
  2. Created a list for new emails to drop in and a exit intent popup and noticed that some emails still ends up in profiles rather than the list… how can that be if the setting is made to push them to the list?
  3. How to transfer all emails from profiles to a list for further campaigns?


as you can see there should be 15 people in the list already but there are only 5 and all of them are buyers, not just those who entered email in popup.



Thank You, I would really appreciate your help.




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@losmados1 Klaviyo's big list is profiles. this is where everyone you add through any integration or form get's added to. Besides this the can also get added to lists (also through integrations, shopify, popup tools, typeform, zapier...)

A reason for people to end up in the profiles but not in a list is 

  1. Integrations that don't add people to a list
    1. i.e. Shopify syncs all customers to Klaviyo, if they don't check “subscribe to list” in the checkout they won't get added to a list
  2. People that signup using a klaviyo form but don't confirm their subscription also live in the profile list and not on a other list.


Hope it helps.




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Thanks for this. I noticed that emails ends up in spam folder, is it possible to do something about it?


Already put a warning in the success message for clients but that is not the best option I guess :)

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Hi losmados1, 

If you’re completely new to email deliverability then I suggest doing some learning on the subject. There’s a lot of reasons why emails go to spam but the main point is that you’ll want to follow the best practices detailed here (by sending to engaged segments). 



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@losmados1, here are two articles that you may find useful when it comes to understanding the breakdown of people added to a list by opting in, or people who come in through your ecomm integration and are added as profiles. All members of a list will be in your profiles either active or suppressed:

Understanding Who is in Your Account

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