Why are Subscribers not being added to a List, but to a Segment?

  • 22 February 2022
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Desperately trying to understand this. 

I connected Shopify. It imported my 300 person list to Profiles,” but filtered only 100-or-so to a segment, and none to a List. 

I don’t understand this. 

After watching several tutorials online, I’m still not clear about how to set up a best-practice environment … especially after that the system seems to be trying to do on my behalf automatically. 

Am I supposed to have one single List of Everyone We Could Possibly Contact?

If so, why are none of my Profile people in a List, but only (1/3) in a Segment?

(And, when I need to import more people from an existing Active Campaign account, should I import them directly into that Big Main List, or create another one just for those guys?)


Can someone provide instructions based on this (not “in general”) for how I should be setting this up? Already overwhelmed and haven’t even started yet. 


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Hi @matt.steinruck


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help clarify these things! 


When integrating your Shopify store to your Klaviyo account , did you ensure to connect a Klaviyo List to your Shopify store that would be the List to receive your subscribers, shown in the screenshot below? If you didn’t choose a specific list to be the pool to receive your subscribers, this would account for your users being added to your ‘Active Profiles’ section, but not in a specific list. Once you’ve set this up, this List will automatically pull in subscribers at checkout and your Shopify footer forms.However, yes there is a benefit to adding all your subscribers to one main list our documentation explains in great detail. If you’re just starting out with Klaviyo and sending emails to your customers, I recommend reading our documentation on Email Deliverability and creating a segment of engaged subscribers  and sending to them first as you get started, not blasting your entire email list right off the bat just because you have their emails. 




For explaining segments further, segments are created groupings with set conditions  that users have to meet in order to be pulled into the grouping. If they do meet the grouping, they will be dynamically, or automatically, pulled into the segment upon being added to your klaviyo account. If you have created a segment in your account and 1/3 of your subscribers meet the conditions, this could be the reason why they’ve been pulled in. Additionally, there are many pre-made segments in your account such as ‘repeat buyers’ that is already created in your account that might be pulling in some of your profiles because they meet the segments conditions. 


Whether or not you upload these Active Campaign emails to your main list or another list is up to you and your business goals, however, there is an option to upload these profiles to your main list with a custom property. Custom Properties are found under the custom properties section in the Information tab of a profile. Custom properties are just that— completely customizable properties that you generate yourself and are specific to your content, brand, and use case. This custom property’s value could say’ Active Campaign’ and could signify that they came from AC specifically. 


Finally, could you share what tutorials you have already watched/read, I’d love to suggest some more, but don’t want to recommend anything you’ve already been through! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!