Why aren't people getting my email after they sign up?

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hi, i have set up my flow for welcome series. however when people subscribe to my newsletter they dont receive the template i have created but some spam email and it goes to spam. also people cant see template i ntheir email. 


Best answer by Bobi N. 5 April 2023, 06:58

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Hi! That sounds very odd, let’s see what’s happening there.  Could you send screenshots of what’s going? Specifically, the email they are getting that goes to spam?

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To really know what is happening I have to see the email they are receiving and also how your template looks. But I still have 2 ideas of what may be happening.

  1. You haven’t turned double opt-in off so before receiving a flow email they are receiving an email to confirm that they want to become subscribers. To turn this off (if you want to) you can go to your list and then in settings and there is single opt in option on the bottom.
  2. And the other option may be that they are actually receiving the email that you are sending but when the email goes to spam it usually looks different because it is not showing the imgs.