Why don't I see my full list of Active Profiles?

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I show 3,045 Active Profiles but can only see a list of 50 - where are the rest?


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Thanks for writing into the Community!

Within the Profiles tab of your account, you will see the 50 most recent profiles to enter your Klaviyo account. However, those are not the only active profiles in your account; rather, that is just a preview. Those other profiles are still available and emailable within Klaviyo, and we suggest hosting them all in one main list. If you are ever looking for a specific profile that is not listed within the Profiles tab (because they do not fall within the last 50 recents), you can search for that profile directly in the search bar at the top of your page. 

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Hi @JetAviator7,

It’s possible that the profiles are coming from an ecommerce or other integration. If the profiles are being passed from an integration into Klaviyo, they are not necessarily subscribed to a list. Profiles passed via integration will be considered “active” but not list subscribers. 

You might find this article on understanding who is in your Klaviyo account helpful as well. 

Hope this helps! 

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I show I have 3045 profiles but can only see 50 and there is no way to do anything with them.

How can I add all 3045 to a Master List?

I don’t see anyway to do anything with any of these profiles.

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I must be really stupid because I have read the guide to cleaning my list but somehow it is not clear to me how to do this.

I integrated with my Shopify store which then placed 3,045 profiles in my account which I gather are considered “Active”. When I signed up I was charged $ 80 because of this number of profiles.

So now I am supposed to “clean” this list.

I have read the Guide to list cleaning but it makes little sense to me because there does not appear to be any way for me to do anything to the 3,045 profiles showing in my account.

The advice I received from Keegan who did the demo for me yesterday said I should download my list from Aweber into a CSV file and manually upload them in the "Lists and Segments" tab in your Klaviyo profile. Select List and choose the option to upload manually via CSV.

What fields do I need in the CSV file, and once I upload it into Klaviyo how does that change the existing list of 3.045 profiles I already have?

I am confused.

Can someone please help me?

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Hi @JetAviator7

If you do not want to keep all of those profiles as active, then the answer is generally to “clean your list.” That said if these contacts are not currently on a list, then you will need to add them to a list first as Keegan outlined prior so that this process works; if you do not have a list established, then that is likely why the documentation didn’t match your use case.

NOTE: You will only want to clean your list if these are contacts you do not want to save as active/emailable in Klaviyo. If instead, when you download your list from Aweber (outlined below) and want to keep these contacts, then you can keep them in a list and stop at step 2! Then, you will be able to view/email these profiles in your main list and build out engaged segments.

However, if you do want to clean out any profiles from your account, you will want to do the following:

  1. Download your list from Aweber as a CSV file
  2. Return to Klaviyo and select the Lists and Segments tab, click Create List/Segment > List (or if you already have a main list, you can click into that instead) and manually upload your CSV file
  3. Once your list is populated, click Create List/Segment again, but this time select Segment
  4. Build an unengaged segment (see here for example) that you would like to suppress (so that these profiles are no longer deemed “active” or emailable)
  5. Once you are satisfied with the amount of people/who is in your segment based on the unengaged definition you added, download your segment as a CSV file
  6. Next, you will need to suppress the profiles in this segment. This is permanent so only do so if you are sure that you want to no longer have these contacts to be active/emailable in your account. Navigate to the Profiles tab and click Suppressed Profiles in the upper right. Then, click Upload File and select your unengaged segment CSV. Once you confirm this and finish your upload these contacts will no longer be deemed active profiles. 

I hope this is helpful and thank you again for writing in!



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I guess I don’t know what I am doing.

Apparently I don’t correctly state what my issue is.

I have the downloaded list from Aweber; however, there is NO timestamp! If I read your documentation correctly then I can’t import that list into my Klaviyo account.

Is this correct that I can’t import the Aweber list?


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Hi there, thank you for clarifying!

In that case, there is likely an issue with the downloaded CSV formatting. Here is a list of our acceptable dates and timestamps in Klaviyo. I suggest checking to see if the ones listed in your CSV align with what Klaviyo accepts in list imports.

If the dates/timestamps do not match in formatting and you need to update your dates/timestamps, here are instructions on how to reformat your file.

If instead you find that the timestamps are not the problem, then I suggest that you head to our article on How to Troubleshoot List Imports which outlines various other reasons why this may be happening; for example, all CSV files must start with an email header or there may be duplicate headers in your CSV. This doc will go through common issues we see that can be fixed in order to upload this list.

I hope these resources prove helpful!




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There are NO TIMESTAMPS!!!!

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Hello -- my apologies, I misread that before! Do you have the dates associated with these subscribers? If there are dates in your file but no timestamps, then you can set the time to midnight by using the HH:MM:SS value 00:00:00 in your CSV.  

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Back on 7-7-20 I downloaded my list from Aweber and it had no dates and no timestamps on it.

I downloaded this list just before a cleaned my list in Aweber and then deleted all of those contacts.

Therefore, the only lists I can download from Aweber now are my abandoned cart, newsletter and purchasers lists.

These lists do have the date and timestamp.

I guess the solution is to simply use a date and timestamp as you suggest on the 7-7-20 list and then suppress and delete all of them, then import these other lists.

Is that correct?

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Hi @JetAviator7,
Hoping I can provide some more clarity around this! 

“Opted-In Profiles” are profiles that opt-in to your marketing via one or more signup forms or subscribe pages on your website. 

“Active Profile” are any individuals who may not have opted in via a signup form, but they may have purchased a product from you, opened a support ticket with your team, registered for one of your Eventbrite events, etc. If you have enabled one or more of Klaviyo's built-in integrations, contacts will flow into your account through these integrations. 

Since I am unfamiliar with your specific list of profiles uploaded from Aweber, it’s possible that some of your 3,045 Active Profiles had abandoned a cart, so they would not be opted in for marketing, like regular newsletter subscribers. 

It’s ultimately up to you who you want to import for campaign sending and how you want to keep them organized in terms of list cleaning, but it’s important to keep in mind that sending to profiles that have not opted-in to your marketing will effect your deliverability. More on deliverability best practices here.

The only list from Aweber that should be imported is your list of Subscribers (who have subscribed via a form). From this list, your profiles captured are available for segmentation and flow sending, so you can group all of the other active profiles with event data or custom properties!

Additionally, if you have a Shopify integration that is syncing subscribers to a list, Shopify will give you that event data to use for segmentation. More details on that in this article here.