Why is my main subscriber List Number Higher than my Active Profiles in My Account?

  • 20 October 2021
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I have recently cleaned my list and my profile shows I have 4000 active profiles and yet my subscribe main list is 5680. How do i align my list and active profiles? 

I also not that if i want to send an email campaign the number it goes to is less than the 4000 active profiles. 

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Hi @dan deyong


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! I’m more than happy to bring more insight to this. 


Happy to hear you’re incorporating List Cleaning in your account, as this is considered best practice to regularly take notice of who’s engaged in your account and suppress those who are unengaged to sustain good deliverability.


The number of Active Profiles in your tab will always reflect the accurate number of Non-Suppressed Contacts in your account, so this leads me to believe there might be a missed step in your List Cleaning. Can you confirm that after you found unengaged users and suppressed them, that you additionally removed these profiles from your Main List? The reason why the number of Active profiles is lower than your Subscriber List could be that you have not removed these now suppressed, unengaged users from your List. To do so, navigate to your Main List and click the ‘Manage List’ dropdown button then click the option ‘Remove Global Suppressions’.  This will remove these users from the List. 


However, it should also be noted that when you send a campaign to your List after this action, the recipient count might still be lower than the number of engaged users in your list. There could be various reasons for an email not reaching an inbox such as:

You can check the reason a campaign email that isn’t received in the ‘Recipient Activity’ tab of your Campaign. Additionally, I’d recommend checking out this conversation to learn more as to why this might happen!



For further insight into others conversations about List Cleaning in the Community, I’d suggest checking out these posts!


Thanks for being a part of the Community!