Why is my sign up form not triggering my welcome emails to send?

  • 23 June 2023
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I made a sign up form and it looks like it’s collecting emails but not triggering the welcome email series.


My Welcome Series emails should be triggered by someone signing up for my newsletters, but the emails aren’t sending!

The only one delivered was from a past newsletter series but I changed my newsletter and now they’re not sending.  Please help!  Thanks.


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2 replies

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Hi @hockeydangle Some things to check...

Have you submitted any test subscriptions via the form? Are those getting added to the correct list and you're receiving the welcome email OK? 

Is the list set to double opt-in? If it is, Klaviyo won't send your welcome email until the subscriber confirms their opt-in. 

You have smart sending on the welcome email. If you have other flows triggering emails and they receive those before they subscribe within your smart sending window, or have sent any recent campaigns, the welcome email won't trigger. I can see your skip count is 0 but I'd check this anyway and switch off smart send, even if just for testing.

Hope that helps



Thank you!  The problem was that I used an email that I deleted from lists and segments but not from profiles, so the emails didn’t send.  Thanks for your help!