Why Isn't my Landing Page Embed Form Sending Consent Status?

  • 20 May 2022
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I’m using the standard Klaviyo list subscribe form as a landing page for an email flow giving general engagement profiles the opportunity to opt-in to email marketing.

For those that subscribe via the form, despite them now being ‘subscribed’ to our contact list, their Klaviyo profiles are not being appended with a consent status for email (see screenshot below).

I’ve tried adding a custom field of consent status but can’t do so as the editing options are limited in the Klaviyo builder. These users are meant to be sent a discount code after subscribing but, due to them not having email consent, they are being made eligible for the flow that send this code.

Considering this is automated in flows, I would like avoid a manual solution where possible.

Any thoughts, comments or solutions would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi there, 


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Just to clarify, you followed this documentation on how to embed a subscribe page as a landing page to collect subscribers, correct? I want to make sure it is a Klaviyo form before we go to any next steps! If it is in fact this Klaviyo embed subscriber page, I would suggest investigating if the List that subscribers are adding to upon form submission is set to Double Opt-In. You can find this in the List’s Setting Tab when you click into your List. 



 If so, the reason that you might not see the consent status be checked is because although users initially signed up in the form, their subscription won’t be officially submitted until they confirm their subscription again via another confirmation message they have to accept sent to their email. 


If the list is set to Double Opt-In and they confirm their subscription again, their consent should be recorded in their profile and the user will be queued through the flow and receive the discount code in question. 


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