Why won't my Proximity to a location segment pull any profiles?

  • 29 November 2021
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has anyone got the proximity to a location segment working?  I always getting zero or just few matches.


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Hello @homehelpers,

I recommend reading up on how Klaviyo determine’s a user’s location would be helpful in understanding how the proximity to location segment functions.

Essentially, Klaviyo is able to determine a user’s location based on their geo-IP location when that contact is cookied. A contact can become cookied when they either navigate to your site from an email you sent from them, subscribe to your newsletter list, or even through abandoning the checkout process so long as they trigger the checkout started event. Also keeping in mind that by default, Klaviyo would not automatically prescribe a location to users who were added to the account via a list import.  

From my experience, a segment based on one’s proximity to location may not be capturing a large enough audience because Klaviyo is unable to determine the location of all your account profiles. 

I also suggest taking a look at some other Community posts that touch upon a similar subject. I’ve linked a few below to get you started!

I hope this helps!


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I have preloaded over 4 thousand records with exact US address and including two records with correct latitude and longitude.  Looks like the system is unable to use any of the loaded data or is something I need to do to help Klaviyo to calculate the location correctly?

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Hi @homehelpers


Thanks for sharing additional information about this! 


You are definitely able to manually upload your profile’s location to use for segmenting purposes. However, the data will need to be mapped in a way that Klaviyo can properly receive. In order to upload profile locations successfully, you will need to upload the information referencing the proper Klaviyo properties such as:

  • City: the city where they live
  • State/Region: the state/region where they live
  • Country: the country where they live
  • Zip Code: the postal code where they live

Additionally, with longitude and latitude if you so choose! As long as you manually add these properties correctly


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 


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Solved!! The country column was the problem. After I load the correct country name, I am able to create the segment.  Thank you for the tip.