Will a Shopify Customer Registration Form Unsuppress a Profile?

  • 7 June 2021
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Hi, will a customer registration through the Account/Register form on Shopify unsuppress a profile?


We had a customer who was suppressed and signed up to create an account on our site and they didn’t get an email for a special product drop.  Looked at their profile and saw their account was still suppressed.  Not sure if I need to change a setting or if it’s not possible.


According to this help article it says a supported 3rd party form will unsuppress it, but not sure if the Account/Registor form in Shopify counts as that.


It is important to note that an unsubscribed, and thus suppressed, profile will need to resubscribe either via a Klaviyo form or supported 3rd-party form to be unsuppressed. If you manually upload their profile information again or they resubscribe to a list via another source, such as a Facebook lead ad or some 3rd-party form tools, they will not be marked as unsuppressed in Klaviyo and you will not be able to email them.




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Hello @MGG,

Great question!

Existing contacts who are suppressed can have their suppression marker lifted automatically if these contacts subscribe again through a Klaviyo signup form or a third party form leveraging Klaviyo’s V2 API endpoint. By default, the Shopify account registration page does not leverage this endpoint and therefore would not unsuppress contacts. 

To change this behavior though, I would recommend taking a look at the following API articles Klaviyo offers to update the account registration’s behavior and ask for consent to subscribe to a list:

Hope this helps!