WooCommerce - Adding Checkboxes and Properties Not Being Created

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi guys I’m trying to add some custom properties like this But it seems to be not working as i cannot see properties under flow and segments.

What I’m trying to do is to add a checkboxs like this below image where user can check all this conditions.Ant help would be really appericiated.



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Hey @MeetAmin ,

Great to hear you’re trying to implement custom properties into your forms and thanks for posting this to the Community!


I would recommend looking through Klaviyo’s premade signup forms if you are looking for an option to add checkboxes to your forms easily. Multi Checkboxes are used to collect additional information about your subscribers. Within a list of pre-defined checkboxes, subscribers can select as many options as they would like. 

When setting up your form, you'll need to assign a custom property to each list option that you are offering to your subscribers. Then, you just want to create a segment of users that have each of those list option properties and use that to send. 

Here is an example of what those custom properties could look like on your form: 


This way, if a subscriber selects to receive Product Updates, a custom property will be added to their profile that says Newsletter Type = Product Updates. 

When creating you segment, you can then select to segment on Properties About Someone: 


and create a group of all users with that property. If you need additional help creating your segment, I'd recommend taking a look at our guide to segments here: Guide to Creating Segments

Keep in mind, you won't be able to create your segments until there is data in those custom properties, so I'd recommend testing the form first and selecting all the options so they are added to your profile. 


If not, the first thing I would double-check is to see that you have the klaviyo.js snippet installed so that you are able to properly edit these legacy forms and pull in data to your Klaviyo account.

Are there specific errors you are running into when trying to create checkboxes in your form? This section in the article shows the walkthrough for adding checkboxes. The difficult thing about working with these codes is that a small syntax error, such as a missing punctuation or misspelling a word, can break the entire thing! If you would like to, please feel free to screenshot and share the error messages or other issue you are seeing on your end.


Thanks again!



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@alex.hong @Dov  I did changed some code and now the properties are recorded and stuff but when i try to add those legacy form’s id and class it dont register user in my site, but emails and properties gets saved in klaviyo’s list.Check this stackoverflow question for deep insights on issue. Another solution to do it with api and add custom checkbox property there and make a function so when user clicks submit it adds the input values to klaviyo, But I can’t find the function which sends request in wordpress.


Tag other developers and lets see if we can find something to integrate it with woocom(i tried searching web enough no solutions there.)

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Hello @MeetAmin,

Thanks for your follow-up note. Glad to hear you were able to get these properties saved to Klaviyo.

I noticed you had commented on another thread (below) and I sent a reply there addressing this topic:

I hope that sheds more light on the next steps. As an additional step, you may want to reach out to our partner network for further assistance. 

Additionally, it would be great if you could share how you ended up getting the properties recorded in Klaviyo so other’s can learn from your experience as well!

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@Dov @alex.hong Please check this stack post of mine. Ive posted an answer too for integration of klaviyo along with new users(customers) when they register. Tell me if there’s any problem with it.