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  • 9 November 2022
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I’m having a problem with Klaviyo.


Few weeks ago I connected Klaviyo to my Prestashop account but I realized that there is a problem with location in Klaviyo.


I try to explain myself. When a person fills the registration form on my ecommerce has to give us some information (including the place where this person lives). Even if now Klaviyo and Prestashop are connected, Klaviyo doesn’t take the location from Prestashop, but from somewhere else. The problem is that sometimes the information Klaviyo takes is wrong. Since we send newsletters based on where people live it’s important that the locations are correct.


Do you know how I can fix this issue?

(I hope I’ve made myself clear. Otherwise I am available to answer your questions).


Thank you,




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Hey @GiuliaFre 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thanks for asking about how Klaviyo sets a profiles location

When syncing or creating a new profile, Klaviyo determines the location and timezone information based on the profile's billing address. If a profile hasn't purchased, location and timezone are determined based on IP geolocation. If you want to update any location-related properties for one or more profiles — either by manually importing this location data or using the API — you will need to reference the relevant Klaviyo property name:

  • City: the city where they live
  • State/Region: the state/region where they live
  • Country: the country where they live
  • Zip Code: the postal code where they live

Most likely your registration form is adding a custom profile property with the additional location information, however these are not properties used for location based campaigns or flows. You will need to follow one of the above methods to update your customers locations.

Hope this helps and thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hi @stephen.trumble I’m a GiuliaFre colleague.

Thanks for your answer. Let me add some information about our problem.

Actually Klaviyo correctly recognizes a user's Location.
The thing is, we can't use this information to create segments based on Location.
For example this profile is correctly recognized in the right location. but if I try to insert it in a customer segment "Italy" it is not inserted.


Thanks for your support