Clubhouse Discussion: SMS Q&A

  • 6 April 2021
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Hi Community!

Like many of our customers, I was very excited to watch Klaviyo’s Product Announcement about Klaviyo’s newest SMS product feature! With SMS, Klaviyo customers can dynamically communicate with their audience in one of the most engaging mediums: text. 

But how does someone get started with SMS? What are the best use cases for SMS? What role does Klaviyo see SMS playing in the future? 

Make sure to tune in to our Clubhouse Discussion: SMS Q&A to hear more from our Head of SMS, Andrea Wan, on the best practices she recommends for brands looking to explore adding SMS to their marketing arsenal. 


If you already have some questions on SMS, add them to the comments below and we’ll make sure to address it live in our Clubhouse discussion. Additionally, we’ll follow up in this thread with some highlights of the top questions we’ve been asked at the event so we can continue the conversation! 

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