LFYL Recap - GhostBed - May 25, 2021

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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Live From Your Laptop session with GhostBed.   I’ll add [Manny’s Notes] to stuff that wasn’t discussed in the session but may add some color to the topic.


If you missed the session, you can find a recording here: 



Who Was On There:

  • Ashley Werner, Director of Social Communications @ GhostBed


This was a high energy conversation with Morgan and Ashley (ironic since the topic was around sleep products!). 


GhostBed sounds like they’ve done an amazing job of rebuilding their email list from scratch.  They talked about how their previous email service provider built a list of unengaged subscribers.  When they switched over to Klaviyo, it was basically building it from scratch.  How? One subscriber at a time :)


A common theme Ashley mentions on how they’ve grown their business is through being human.  Putting people behind the brand.  Letting visitors, subscribers, customers know there is someone behind that message and if you respond/reach out, a real human will respond. 

[Manny’s Notes] 💯 Customer service is highly underrated, in my opinion.  It can be a huge differentiator.  In times where we are sometimes looking at too much of letting software handle it or scale quickly, it pays to slow down and build a solid base for future growth.  Shift from a short term to long term timeframe helps in making these decisions.  It’s something that helped our brands grow in a new market.. Taking it 1 subscriber/customer at a time and giving them a personal experience.



  • They have 4 accounts, one for each site (ie. Canada, US, GhostBed Natural)

    • Reason being that the messaging and subscriber will be different.  Ashley said it best, allows them to send the right message, to the right subscriber at the right time.

  • Referral program is working really well

    • Their offer is give 25% off mattress + 2 pillows and you get $100 via PayPal

      • Offer can seem pricey, but compared the acquisition cost through other marketing channels it is lower

      • Referral is the #1 answer to “How did you hear about us”

    • [Manny’s Notes] I thought their offer for referring a friend is very interesting.. CASH!  Usually brands give a discount on future purchases.  However, if someone just bought a mattress, what are the chances they’re going to repeat again (unlike, say, apparel).  I think getting $100 via PayPal is a big incentive.  Have never seen that before (and I’ve looked at A LOT of brands programs)

  • Segmenting has improved their deliverability dramatically

    • As mentioned above, their sender reputation took a hit with their last service provider and they were getting open rates under 10%.  Currently, they get close to 30%!

      • The engaged segment is key for them.

        • The timeframe that works for them is the last 30 days.

        • [Manny’s Notes] this is a good example of how brands define an engaged segment will be different based on product/industry.  In a previous LFYL, Jofit mentioned they used a long timeframe (I think it was over a year!).  If you’re creating an engaged segment for the first time, start at 45-60 days and adjust as necessary.   

  • Flows

    • Welcome flow

      • Their best performing flow (which is the case for most brands, especially if a discount is given in the first email

      • [Manny’s Notes] In the session, checkout the screenshot of their flow and messaging.  Since it's a family business and there’s a person behind the invention of the product, they showcase the founder and create a personal feeling.  We saw this same tactic with Jofit in the last session, it works really well!

    • Browse abandonment flow

  • SMS!

    • They recently switched to using SMS in Klaviyo from another provider and are seeing great results.

      • What’s the advantage of using SMS in Klaviyo? The data is there on the customer profile (what they looked at, what they bought, what email they clicked, etc.. it's endless!)

    • They’ve built up their SMS subscribers through their online pop-up to subscriber to the newsletters (it’s not a mandatory field)

    • Ashley’s tip: don’t over text subscribers.. It’s a very personal space for subscribers

    • The types of messages subscribers respond to best over SMS is sales related (rather than content specific sends)

    • GIF’s, emojis in text perform better than plain text

    • Tip -> in a flow if they don’t open an email, trying sending a text instead.

    • Here’s a link to a short case study on their SMS results: https://www.klaviyo.com/customers/case-studies/ghostbed-sms-case-study


It was a great session by Ashley and Morgan, check out the recording!


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