LFYL Recap - Jofit - May 17, 2021

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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Live From Your Laptop session with Jofit.   I’ll add [Manny’s Notes] to stuff that wasn’t discussed in the session but may add some color to the topic.


If you missed the session, you can find a recording here (there’s some gold nuggets in there for the entrepreneurs just starting out!): 



Who Was On There:

  • Joanne Cloak, Founder @ Jofit

  • Jamie Cloak, National Merchandising Manager @ Jofit

  • Chris Gordon, Retention Marketing Team Lead @ Noticed

  • Melanie Klinefelter, Retention Marketing Manager @ Noticed


First off, Joanne has a great entrepreneurial story of how she started Jofit.  A combination of belief, resourcefulness, initiative, and perseverance.  She willed her way to get Jofit off the ground and running. 

[Manny’s Notes] Note how they talk about their customers and the messaging behind the brand.  I believe it’s a big reason they seem to have a strong customer base.  They don’t just sell golf and tennis apparel, Jofit exists to “create a community of confident women” - that is powerful and can separate you from the sea of sameness in the apparel world (I currently manage an apparel site and it’s a competitive space)


  • Top 3 flows

    • Welcome flow

      • Subscribers are mostly coming from their site sign-up form

        • They’re using Klaviyo’s pop-up form

      • [Manny’s Notes] In the session, they show a screenshot of their flow so you can see how many emails and what type of messages. Their sequence is a great structure for any brand:

        • 1: Welcome, here’s your first time offer

        • 2: Message from the founder (this is a great touch for brands that have founders as the face, if not you can do a ‘history of the company’ or ‘why we exist’ message)

        • 3: Show ways they can get involved further with the brand (ie. social, loyalty)

        • 4: Drive the sale, last chance to use the welcome offer (the flow filter most likely kicks out people who have used it)

    • Abandoned cart flow

    • Browse abandonment flow

      • Sometimes all you have to do is send a reminder message (no discount, only the product(s) they were looking at)

        • [Manny’s Notes] 💯 Sometimes brands can be too quick to jump on that discount train, but that train can become a runaway very quick which is hard to stop.  No need to assume price was the reason they didn’t check out.  People are busy, maybe they are going to come back later, you’re here to nudge that reminder :) This goes the same for Abandoned Cart messages

      • Split the flow based on collection

        • They have a few categories: Tennis, Golf, Athleisure

          • By splitting the flow based on the category they can create a message that is more personalized to the subscriber 

          • [Manny’s Notes] This is simple, but so effective.  I work on a footwear brand that sells Tennis shoes and Lifestyle shoes.  As you can imagine, the person looking for Tennis shoes may not care about how it looks with their outfit, but instead the technical performance of the shoes. Splitting out the flow helps cater the message at the right time.

      • [Manny’s Notes] I learned something new about flows today. I noticed in their flow they had multiple emails in the “Manual” flow action status.  To test out other messaging, they duplicate the email and turn that one live and leave the other ones in “Manual”.  So, based on Klaviyo’s help docs “If you have live messages later in the sequence, they can still receive these while waiting for approval to receive manual messages.” - Very interesting and good to know!


  • Campaign Emails

    • They get an average of 9% CTR on their campaign emails

    • Creative is very on-brand and catered to the audience and message for that campaign

    • [Manny’s Notes] Check out the slide when they show their Engaged Segment. 

      • They are using VERY high thresholds on properties like Opened Email (400 days!)

        • The reason they are able to do this is because they’ve tested different thresholds over time and are still getting a high open rate of 20% with that audience (Chris calls 20-25% the sweet spot; but anything over 15% is good)

        • If you have an engaged segment getting open rates well above 25% - that’s fantastic, but think about expanding your thresholds a bit to see if you can get more subscribers seeing your emails. You may be missing out on revenue!


Email accounts for 45% of their net revenue online (I would say this is higher than your average brand, so don’t get discouraged if yours is lower).  Something key was mentioned at the end of a side benefit of using email. - instant feedback on product design  They have product design meetings on a weekly basis and future designs are influenced by the results of campaigns they send out on a regular basis.  


It was a great session by the Jofit and Noticed team!


If you’re using any of these tactics, would love to hear how it’s working out for you.

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Hey @Manny Singh,

Appreciate the notes! I’m sure this will help those who may have missed the Live Webinar!

Thanks for being such an active member of our Community and sharing your insights!


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Love this recap @Manny Singh - in particular, your notes on Browse Abandonment flow and not assuming that price was the reason they didn’t check out is SO :clap: SPOT :clap: ON :clap: ! 

Thanks so much for sharing this in the Community! As @david.to mentioned, it’s sure to provide some good food-for-thought for those that weren’t able to attend. Hope to see you at tonight’s LFYL session with GhostBed if you’ll be joining!