Recap discussion: Building Customer Relationships with a Loyalty Program

  • 15 February 2022
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Building strong relationships with your customers is the key to increasing customer lifetime value and retaining your most valuable advocates. One of the most effective ways to build these relationships is to establish a customer loyalty program. In this session, we cover:

  • Loyalty program basics and benefits
  • Types of programs and available integrations
  • Building the right program for your business goals



  • Use this interactive worksheet as a guide to help you ideate a loyalty program that could work for your business. Please make a copy of this document for yourself and save it to your personal drive or device. 
  • Explore loyalty tech partners in the Klaviyo Integrations Library
  • Browse Klaviyo Community for ideas on what other Klaviyo users have done! Not seeing what you’re looking for? Post your own question in Community :) 

Tech partner case studies cited in the presentation:

Available loyalty integrations based on program type (not an exhaustive list, but a great place to start):

  • Earn & Burn – LoyaltyLion, Antavo,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave,, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Tiered - Antavo,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave,, Zinrelo

  • Perks - Antavo, Odicci, Growave, IgnitePost,, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Gamification - Antavo, Odicci, Duel, LoudCrowd,, Sauce, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Premium/Paid Program - Antavo, Zinrelo

  • Influencer or Referral Program — friendbuy, LoyaltyLion, Antavo, Odicci,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave, LoudCrowd,, ReferralCandy, Sauce, Stamped, Zinrelo

3 replies

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Great training session. I have a few programs currently running with some changes that I am going to implement after watching this one. 

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@Stacey-Lansinoh Awesome to hear, Stacey! Feel free to return back to this thread and let us know what you discover. You may find that some relatively minor tweaks make a huge difference in the success of the program. 

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Hey @Seb, @emazingkit, @LisaRubner, @Heck, @AC TW, @kdumlao 


I noticed that all of you attended our last live training! Would love to get a chat going about what all you learning from that training! Do you have current programs that are going to be now tweaked like @Stacey-Lansinoh?


I wonder if any of you had similar or differing thoughts that would benefit being sharing out with everyone!


So happy to see our members growing in their Klaviyo skills! Special shotout to @emazingkit and @Seb who have attended two live trainings in a row!