Recap discussion: Elevate Your Growth Summit

  • 21 June 2023
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Whether you were able to attend the Elevate Your Growth Summit or you’re looking to watch the replay, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some highlights below:

Attendees had the opportunity to join four sessions today all focused around the idea of maximizing their digital marketing potential with Klaviyo. Here are additional resources for each session:

Session 1: Maximizing your ROI with sign-up forms

Session 2: Unlocking the power of ChatGPT

Session 3: Designing better emails with Klaviyo

Session 4: BFCM live Q&A: Ask our Klaviyo Champions

We were joined by Ashley, Brett, and Peyton to share how they’ve seen brands prepare for Cyber Weekend. They are here to help you as you continue to grow your business, so take a moment to learn more about them and their businesses below: 


We hope that you found this day helpful and feel more confident utilizing the tools in Klaviyo. Have any unanswered questions? Thread below.

3 replies

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This is awesome!


Shoutout to some of our Community Champions who shared their expertise and tips with other Klaviyo users! @Brett_Gatsby  @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @Ashley I. 



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@chanel.phelps You and the rest of the team at Klaviyo really outdid yourselves with this event! 

So happy I could be a part of such an awesome educational session 😊

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Thank you Chanel, it was a great conversation. Happy to be part of it!