Recap discussion: [Interactive workshop] Use Klaviyo product feeds to personalize your emails (for large and mid-market)

  • 15 March 2023
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Thanks for joining today’s training! Below is the recording of the webinar.

During the training we:

  1. Built a custom product feed with exclusions
  2. Built a personalized product feed with exclusions
  3. Embedded the feeds in our Welcome Series
  4. Presented a bonus build on how to incorporate your personalized feed in a Window Shoppers campaign

Here are the materials we referenced today: 

  1. How to use product feeds and recommendations 

  2. Sync a custom catalog feed to Klaviyo – If your catalog feed is not synced by one of our pre-built ecommerce integrations, or you have catalog information stored in another system, you can use Klaviyo's custom catalog sync feature. Then, you can use items from that catalog feed to populate emails

  3. Getting started with Klaviyo onsite tracking - how to set up Viewed Product tracking for your ecommerce store - if you’d like to suggest recs based on viewed product history 

  4. How to insert a product block

  5. How to display a recently viewed items in email

  6. [BLOG] Personalize product suggestions with Klaviyo’s upgraded recommendations feature

  7. [Academy course] - Build better emails using personalization

Here are some helpful tips from our community! 

Trouble shooting via community:


  1. How to use personalized product recommendations to increase CTR by 300%

Bonus resources: 


➡️ 2 page workshop handout: It's filled with helpful articles, insightful research, and step-by-step instructions on how to use product feeds.


📆Also, March is all about personalization strategies. Check out our upcoming trainings.


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2 replies

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Hi @amelia, 

Welcome to the community! Happy to help with this. Can you first clarify, when you send the test, the entire feed is missing? Or are there certain products that are missing?

One thing that could be happening is that the products are “unpublished”. If they are unpublished they will not show up in the feed as intended. This thread provides more details on troubleshooting as well:

Let me know if you have any followup questions.



I followed all the steps today, but when I send a test to myself the product feed is not showing. What should I check for to make sure that everything is correct?