Recap Discussion: [Strategy Session] Automate Customer Retention with Flows (for small to medium businesses)

  • 12 March 2024
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This post contains all resources related to our live training [Strategy Session] Automate Customer Retention with Flows (for small to medium businesses). 

During this session, we:

  • discussed how flows help with customer retention

  • broke down the elements that make up a flow

  • learned how to use flows and campaigns concurrently

  • reviewed must-have retention flows

Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. Flows are highly customizable so take the time to personalize and optimize each messaging experience.

  2. When done properly, flows and campaigns utilized together within a marketing strategy should complement each other by bridging communication gaps.

  3. Since repeat purchasers spend 3x as much as first-time customers, setting up post purchase retention flows is key to influencing a repeat purchase.

Additional resources:

Help Center Articles: 

3 replies

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I have a question regarding Klaviyos Predictive AI that I asked on during the strategy session but did not get an adequate reply.


Specifically, can I use the Predictive AI “Predicted next purchase date” as a flow trigger when sending a replenishment flow email?

My customers reorder anytime between 15 and 70 days so sending out a generic 30 day reminder is losing me potential sales. 

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What is the point of asking a question here if no one from Klaviyo can be bothered to reply?



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Hey there @Eamonn! I saw you posted this question in the AI category and got an answer so I assumed you were all set. This community is primarily for peer-to-peer support so we give time and space for others to reply first. 


Closing the loop here with the answer for future readers: